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Why Bad Magic Occurs Good People

Individuals who’re not used to the art and science of practicing magic are often surprised after they start doing magic rituals and uncover their lives worsen, not better, for the moment. Tires go flat by themselves vehicle, they enter fights utilizing their spouse, or possibly an all of a sudden large expense seems. They question, “I’m a great person. Is this fact a reminder on the planet that we shouldn’t practice magic?” No, it is not. I’ve come across it happen over and over, and I have had a status for this: the inconvenience factor.

Magic as well as the Inconvenience Factor

Anyone who starts practicing magic will certainly encounter the inconvenience factor… it’s a universal law. Really, it’s the universe’s approach to protecting esoteric material, in addition to testing whether someone’s should try to learn these elements is actually genuine or perhaps momentary wish in passing.

After we start a new Fundamental Magic course or possibly in-depth teleconference course, we warn students the inconvenience factor will probably occur. This factor includes a inclination to help keep students from getting the opportunity to attend class regularly, no less than initially. When the class can be a teleconference course, the inconvenience factor seems in lots of ways. One student may make an effort to call to the teleconference simply to get the “all circuits busy” signal. Another student may anticipate using his cell phone simply to uncover battery has out of the blue died. Another student may have printed his homework materials in planning sophistication, then uncover he cannot find them anywhere.

Serious students, getting been cautioned in regards to the inconvenience factor, simply strive until they overcome the “all circuits busy signal” or dead cell phone battery. They may appear in school flustered and inflammed, nonetheless they do appear through sheer perseverance. This really is really the kind of effort the planet seeks to separate those who truly need to learn magic from individuals who want to obtain a windfall tomorrow.

True desire is what separates a person in a position to as being a effective magician in the dilettante. True desire may also be what enables a person utilization of magical materials. The dilettantes always have a backseat, sidetracked by inconvenient existence occasions, extended prior to for the “great stuff” in school.

Could be the Inconvenience Factor a type of Religious Warning or Vengeance?

This is often a question that arises from time to time from students who had been elevated getting a strongly religious background that discourages the idea of magic. When these students are faced by minor fender-benders or other inconvenient existence occasions, they wonder if these occasions are warnings in the jealous god to influence obvious of magical practice. That’s, clearly, one interpretation, and people who feel this interpretation actually was should avoid magical practice.

However, we have labored with numerous students using this kind of background who’ve effectively got past the inconvenience factor with no further effects. Existence can be as you believe that it is, and for that reason if you feel in the jealous god who discourages magical practice, the occasions from the existence will bear out this belief. However, if you feel the planet is large enough to aid both magic and religion, then you will see that you’ll be able to practice magic harmoniously with the idea of your religion.

The Rules in the Road: Rules of Magical Practice

Magic, like every arts and sciences, possesses its own formula. We keep to the Rules in the Road, as assist with by Reverend George Dew in the Church of Seven Arrows. We uncover, by our experience and observation, these rules are true, immutable, and quite freeing. To determine them, visit our website, listed in the Authors Bio Box below. Determine whether you accept them based on your own understanding about magic.

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