Visiting Phoenix In Fall? Don’t Miss These Events!

Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the US, and while it’s famed for museums like Arizona Museum of Natural History and attractions such as Orpheum Theater and Papago Park, there’s more to explore. The fall season is all about big events, and if you are here between September and November, we recommend that you explore these options.

Arizona Taco Festival

Expect all of the best taco trucks to come to the Arizona Taco Festival in October. On October 12th and 13th, there will be a fierce battle for the best taco, and you can actually taste a bunch of options that will be about local flavors. There will be live music, Lucha Libre Wrestling Arena and interactive phonebooths, so food is not the only thing to be excited about.

Arizona State Fair

The Arizona State Fair starts on October 4th and will continue all the way to October 27th. The big Ferris wheel is easily one of the popular attractions, and you will find a bunch of shows, events and concerts between Wednesdays and Sundays. Make sure to take a view of the city on that giant Ferris wheel.

Fall Arizona Restaurant Week

Between September 20 and 29, Phoenix will celebrate the Fall Arizona Restaurant Week, which will have over 100 restaurants offering incredible 3-course meals for less than $50 per person. For a foodie, this could be the best start to the fall, followed by the Taco Festival.

Phoenix Greek Festival

If you are in love with Greece, make time for the Phoenix Greek Festival, scheduled to start on October 11. Besides the good Greek food, you can also find shows and events featuring performances and option to shop for souvenirs.

Phoenix Fashion Week

Dates haven’t been finalized yet, but the Phoenix Fashion Week is scheduled to take place in October. Some of the biggest names and budding designers would be participating, and we assume getting entry for the shows would be easy, so plan early.

Rainbows Festival

On November 2 and November 3, you can expect a big celebration for the LGBTQ+ community. Head to Downtown Phoenix to show your support, and you are a part of community, come ahead and enjoy the event.

Then, of course, there’s the Arizona Fall Fest in November that’s all about everything local, and for some shopping, do head to ArtFest of Scottsdale on November 23. Check for information online and book your tickets for the events you would want to enjoy.

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