Trying Tacos & More At Phoenix Food Festival 2020

Are you a fan of tacos? Do you love trying weird combinations and experimental toppings? If yes, you should get ready for the Phoenix food festival, which is scheduled in October. Considered among the best annual food festivals near Phoenix, this one is a complete delight for foodies. From tacos to tequila, you can expect a wide range of options.

The love for tacos

Tacos for residents in Arizona is like a regular diet staple, and you will be rather surprised to find the wide range of options that are available. Beyond the classic tacos, you can find options topped with blue cheese, and there are many food trucks and eateries that serve classic veg tacos. Veggie tacos in Phoenix are all about grilled veggies, mushrooms, and other kinds of toppings that are anything but ordinary. Think you love pork? Try pulled pork or shredded pork tacos, which are quite popular, and for those who don’t mind putting odd things in their mouth, cow tongue tacos are a must try.

The participating restaurants and eateries

Some of the best-known food joints and trucks in Phoenix are set to join the festival. Names include Ajo Al’s, Pokitrition—Street Poke Tacos & Crispy Sushi Tacos, El Jefe Tacos, Red Bird Farms, and Sally’s BBQ, to name a few. Not merely tacos, you can find many kinds of other foods at the festival including pizzas.

Planning your day

Phoenix food festival 2020 will also have a special tent, where you can try all sorts of tequilas, straight from Mexico. Bookings are currently on, and you can always check online for tickets and other details. Make sure that you try the premium tequila brands that would be showing up for this much-awaited event.

Enjoying your tacos

The best thing about tacos in Arizona is the range of options that are available for everyone. Phoenix food festival promises to celebrate that and more, and you will be rather happy to know that the bookings are already in full swing. Go ahead, mingle with the locals, who love their tacos and don’t mind sharing details of their favorite restaurants. There is nothing like trying pulled pork tacos with a beer, and if you want to have fun with your friends, this could be a perfect outing.

Step out and make sure that you explore the best of tacos, while sticking to your masks and norms of social distancing!

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