Planning A Foam Party: 4 Tips To Consider

You want to plan a foam party for your group of friends. If you are planning one at your home, you need to do your homework right.  The good news is you don’t have to buy a foam machine right away for that one event. Instead, go for a foam machine rental service, and they can offer you the kind of machine you are looking for, at a price that fits your budget. Besides finding a rental, there are a few other things to consider. We have some quick tips below that may come in handy.

  • Take it outside. If you don’t want to turn your house into a mess, you should consider taking the party close to the pool. Foam parties can end up causing serious mess at times, and when you are close to the pool, you can actually turn the area into a better fun zone, with pool throws and inflatables.
  • Consider covering what’s needed. If your party is going to last a few hours, you better cover everything that is likely to be damaged with foam. Using a foam machine is definitely going to reduce the mess, but you want to protect things that matter. For instance, plants close to the pool, and if the party is indoors, you may want to cover up your furniture.

  • Look for rentals in advance. There are many companies that offer foam rentals at the right price, and we recommend that you check with them in advance, especially if your party is around weekends or a holiday. The idea is to select a rental service that stands out and is affordable. Also, if you deal in advance, you have more time to negotiate.
  • Watch out for electronic components and appliances. For planning foam parties, you have to be sure that the electronic components, smart devices, appliances are covered. Ensure that your guests know of the same, so that they can leave their phones and other gadgets in the car.

Foam parties are fun and can keep you going for hours. Rentals are available on an hourly basis, or you can even go by each day, especially if yours is a commercial venue that organizes foam parties on request. For any party, you will also need a bunch of other things, such as caterers and décor vendors, so check for everything else too.

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