Organize A Fun and Engaging Office Party at Minneapolis This Summer

Office parties are becoming far too common these days. Every now and then we find ourselves dragging ourselves to some office party. It can easily get tiring if all the parties turn out to be monotonous. Treat your colleagues/employees to something fun and new to ensure that they’ll have a great time. Stay away from the cliché kinds of office parties.

Opt for a summer office party at Minneapolis:

Why not make it as a summer outing? During winters everyone will be generally planning indoor venues and the good ones fill up fast leaving you with limited options. When it comes to summer, you have more options available and the prices are less expensive. Are you looking for good venue options for hosting corporate parties in Minneapolis which aren’t too generic?

Host the party in a historic barn:

Green Acres Event Centre is the top pick by many companies to host office parties. Its interesting architecture adds up to the charm. Visit the site and take a look at their three event spaces and choose the ideal one of your needs.

A movie under the stars:

Depending on the size of your team, you can choose an open-air theatre and pre-book tickets. You have a handful of options in Minneapolis. Arrive early and set up blankets. Make sure you don’t run out of snacks and beverages.

Amusement park:

 If you have more money to splurge on, you can plan a day at a local adventure park. You may receive a team discount too. Make arrangements for lunch.

Scavenger hunt:

Don’t we all find it to be unique, competitive and fun? The game also serves as an ice-breaker. The attendees are guaranteed to have fun.

Sports tournaments:

Choose a game based on your company size and average employee age. Decide on a game that would be comfortable for everyone. It could be a softball tournament or a collection of silly games.

Organizing a summer office party:

  • Invite people: You can avoid making it look too formal by creating a Facebook invite. It is easier to invite more people this way and you can communicate easily with all party attendees.

  • Stock up food: If you haven’t arranged a catering service, ensure there is ample food. Have a stock of glasses to pour beverages. Order a huge delivery of pizza so that your guests don’t leave the party hungry.
  • Introduce everyone: If you have invited people who don’t know each other, foster introductions so that everyone enjoys the party.

Organizing an office party is fun. A little bit of creativity in planning makes your part feel memorable for every attendee.

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