Hiring A Corporate Event Planner? Follow This Guide!

Businesses have their apprehensions about managing corporate events in-house. Since considerable money and resources are spent, most companies don’t want to risk failure, especially when professional services are around. If your company is in need of a corporate event planner, here are some things to consider.

  1. Expertise

Some corporate event planners specialize in basic face-to-face events, while others can also handle virtual and hybrid events. Businesses are going global, and considering the current wave, hybrid and virtual events are likely to be the norm in future. In such times, you need a planner that can handle everything and is experienced enough. Ask questions like – How do you work on a virtual event? How long have you been in business?

  1. Work profile

A corporate event planner that claims to be the best in business must have enough clients, and they should be willing to offer references on request. Make sure that you hire a service that is open with discussing their best work.

  1. Management

How a planner manages corporate events is something to consider. Many companies are now investing in event planning software, which allows them to stay in contact with clients and offer real-time updates on the work being done. They also ensure that queries are answered via the software, so that clients are always in loop.

  1. Budget

Let’s get real here – There is no point of hiring a planner you cannot afford. In short, if you defined the budget of your corporate event, find planners who can work in that price. Of course, tweaking the price for a service that’s better than others is always a smart decision, but do get an estimate and ensure that all costs are clear in the contract.

  1. Ask about technical knowhow

For virtual and hybrid events, it is important for the planner to know everything about latest communication and audio-visual technologies. They should be able to offer a fair and transparent presentation, which outlines the project objectives, specific challenges, and how they plan to deal with various concerns and risks.

In conclusion

As long your company is in businesses, corporate events are likely to be a part of marketing and training, and it is best to have a planning service that can collaborate and maintain long-term relationship. It’s more about expertise and ability to deliver, for which their portfolio of work and management techniques and means must be evaluated.

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