Halloween party ideas in London

What sets a good party apart from the rest is a great theme. While you can always go with the classic spooky Halloween party, there are many other ways to add an interesting twist to your Halloween party. Keep reading to find great Halloween party ideas that make for memorable parties.

Tips on Halloween party ideas in London

From spine-chilling performances and hair-rising parties to bloody good immersive experiences, here are a few tips for great Halloween party ideas in London.

  1. Haunted house

Turn your home into the creepiest haunted house with scary decorations. You can play Halloween-themed music, dim your lighting and decorate with fake bats, cobwebs and spiders to scare your guests. You can also add a fog machine, caution tapes and Styrofoam tombstones for a spookier look. Depending on the age of your guests, adjust the spookiness accordingly.

  1. Watch horror movies

Watching scary movies with friends is a great way to spend your Halloween. You can have spooky treats such as rice Krispie mummies, pizza skulls, or Halloween-themed drinks. Throw in decorations that match the movie theme and include some horror-drinking games. Alternatively, you can hold your horror film night out in your backyard under the stars and hang some lights.

  1. Pumpkin carving

Prepping your pumpkins for Halloween can be a fun party idea for adults and kids. Simply buy pumpkins in different sizes and let your guests carve their own jack-o-lanterns. If you want to make your party cosier, bring out pumpkin spice lattes for adults. You can also paint your pumpkins instead of carving them.

  1. Dead rock star party

Consider bands for hire in London to throw a dead rock star party at your Halloween event. With a live band, you and your friends get to live your rocker dreams. Roll out a red carpet at your venue to give your guests rock star royalty treatment. You can also line your walkway with Styrofoam tombstones of dead rock stars to make it even spookier.

  1. Music festival

Host a music festival for your Halloween party. Tell your colleagues and friends to come with their instruments and dress as their favourite music stars. You can spruce your venue with fairy lights and some decorations for a spookier and gothier look. Be sure to ask colleagues and friends beforehand if they want to play some music during the Halloween party.

  1. Halloween foods and drinks

Add fun twists to your food and drinks to spice up the occasion. Host a Halloween brunch where you and your friends will enjoy some spooky food such as mummy brie and Halloween devilled eggs. Remember to bring some pumpkin pie mimosas to showcase your theme. Alternatively, you can host drinking craft beer games. Ensure that your guests dress in costumes for the theme of Boos and Brews.

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