Different Types of Event Flowers to Take the Aesthetics a Notch Up

When you’re planning an event, one of the first things that pop into your mind is what type of flowers to use in the decorations. Well, the final choice entirely depends on the nature of the event, the decorations, and the venue. However, according to the professionals at Beet and Yarrow Florist, some flowers are available all year round and are quite popular in all kinds of events, big or small, corporate or social, casual, or formal. They can be added to any floral arrangement and take the aesthetics a notch up.

Let’s give you an idea about these flowers along with the type of events they are generally used in. 


Everyone knows what orchids are, right? They are extremely stylish, gorgeous, and look amazing in any setting, no matter the event purpose or venue. You should never put the orchids in the refrigerator and use them right away after cutting their stems a little short. As they come in diverse hues, patterns, and looks, you’ll never face a dearth of options while buying orchids for your upcoming event.


Of course, no one can underestimate the value of lilies for event decorations. However, you should inform your guests not to bring their feline companions to the event, as lilies can be toxic to the furry animals. If it’s a pet-free event, you can always go with decorations having lilies as the centerpieces.


These are lovely little flower sticks that can take your floral decorations to another level entirely. Once you receive them from the florist, put the stems in lukewarm water immediately to preserve their freshness and appeal for longer durations.


No one can underrate them, as they look so bold and stand out in any decoration, no matter where you put them. Although they are more suitable for social events and casual get-togethers, you can always use them in smaller amounts in corporate events too.

Cherry blossoms

These pink, beautiful blooms have a charming appearance, suitable for all types of events. Although you get them only during the fall, they are worth the wait. Make sure that they are cut in the early hours of the morning to look their best.


The queen of all floral decorations, these are available in a variety of hues to suit every occasion. You should put them in vases to enhance their appearance, as they exude the essence of royalty, sophistication, and elegance.

Wondering what other flowers you can opt for your events? Get in touch with an experienced florist to know your options better.

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