Benefits of Incorporating Virtual AGM for your Meetings and Events

The doors to Virtual AGM appear to be opened in several nations, as the benefits of using virtual Annual General Meeting have been higher as compared to organizing a traditional Annual General Meeting. It would be pertinent to mention here that holding AGMs during the present time would be highly beneficial, as it would be at any other occasion. It would offer the shareholders a chance to participate online. They would be able to participate from anywhere regardless of their location. It would make the meeting relatively more accessible to the vast number of shareholders unable to attend the meeting physically.

The shareholders and the board would not be required to travel more. As a result, it would help reduce the carbon footprint of the company. It would also help you save time and money. The present technology would permit the sophisticated question and answers or messaging to ensure shareholders could hold the board to account effectively. It would also help you substitute paper for digital voting. It implies that the process has been relatively more transparent providing instant results shown to participants along with a complete audit trail. Despite the jurisdiction allowing it, you would be able to conduct a complete virtual AGM during normal times.

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