Attending Your First Symphony In Miami? Check This Guide!

There is no dearth of activities in Miami. No matter whether you are regular local, who is bored of nightclubs, or a visitor who wants to explore the cultural side of Florida, attending a symphony could be a rare, engaging experience. Buying tickets is easy – Just check for Miami events online and find the symphony that makes sense to your schedule. For the uninitiated, symphony concert is all about celebrating the love for classic music. If you have never attended a symphony, the whole experience may seem overwhelming, which is why we have a guide that may come in handy.

  • Reach the venue early. You are not expected to be late at a symphony concert¸ and at many venues, you will not be allowed inside if you are late. Make sure to reach at least 1 hour ahead of the time, and many places have special early shows and performances, which can be quite exciting.
  • If you don’t know much about symphony concert and classical music, it is okay. The idea is to enjoy the musicians play, and you will be surprised how they take cues from one another. The mix of string, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments is a pleasant treat to anyone who has remote interest in music.

  • Formal wear is usually expected at symphony concerts, but you can go for semi-formal too. Just make sure that you are not wearing shorts and flipflops. Also, all your devices are supposed to be in the silent mode during the concert, and guests are often asked to leave if they flout that rule. Do not try to take videos or pictures.
  • Don’t bring young children. There are symphony concerts that are designed specifically for little viewers, but in general, do not bring a restless child to such shows. Guests are there to enjoy the experience, and any kind of unwanted behavior or disturbance is not tolerated. You can call the venue to know if kids are allowed.
  • Follow others. You might be tempted to applaud the performers, but wait and watch others. There are certain pauses in the concert, which are meant for selected reasons, and if you arrive late, you may have to wait, until the usher guides you to get in.

The beauty of symphony concerts and orchestra shows lies in the way music is presented, and to enjoy that, come with a free mind. The good news is Miami has numerous shows almost every month!

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