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Frozen in time?

For many years conferences have been frozen in time and since Ancient Greece times the greatest developments in such events have been mike and projector.

We invite you to communicate in 21th century way - with branded events apps, enhanced attendee experience, data analytics, custom design tickets, and other modern features.

Event apps

State of the art, native iOS/Android event apps. Event attendees can access event information, schedule, speaker bios, maps; connect with others based on interests, send messages, create appointments, rise questions to speakers.

Your branded app will be distributed via App Store and Google Play.

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Connect your attendees

Facilitate networking with your app. Allow attendees to connect with others based on interests, professional titles and location, thus conjoining real-life and virtual experiences and making new acquaintances easier.

Raise questions to speaker from the app: obviate scenarios where irrelevant questions are asked, or worse, the timid attendees are left behind

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Tickets and more

Custom design tickets. Payments via PayPal, BankLink, Paysera, Worapay, and other features. Attendees, press or volunteers registration forms. Communication via email, sms, push notifications.

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